Conditions of Entry


Any current member of the Group may submit for inclusion:

  • Framed original works for hanging in the main Exhibition throughout the week. If work is copied from a photograph or painting, it is the member’s responsibility to obtain any necessary permissions to avoid copyright problems. To avoid duplication, we are unable to accept paintings done during a workshop.
  • Mounted originals or prints which will be available for “instant” sale at any time
  • Cards based on their own work which will also be available for sale at any time

All entries, subject to acceptance at the discretion of the Committee, are submitted for inclusion at the owner’s risk.  While the Committee will take every care it cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage; so, if required, exhibitors should make their own insurance arrangements.

All entries must be clearly and correctly labelled, otherwise they will not be accepted.

Commission on all sales will be 10%.


Each member may submit up to five original works, for a fee of £1.50 per entry (returnable if the picture is not included in the exhibition). Only one of these may be ‘Not for Sale’.

The proposed sales price for each framed picture must be at least £40.

Each picture must be securely framed for hanging, badly framed works will not be accepted. Pictures can be exhibited again after a time lapse of three years.

Each picture must have two labels: one fixed to the back clearly naming its artist (for identity purposes at the end of the exhibition) and the other, on a string which will hang over the front, clearly showing title, artist, medium and price (To facilitate the hanging process – this will be removed before the exhibition opens).


Up to six originals or prints may be submitted, for a fee of £1 per entry.

The proposed sales price for each mounted picture must be at least £15.

Each picture must be properly mounted, covered in clear plastic sheet (not cling-film) and have a label fixed in the top right- hand corner to clearly identify the artist, title of work, whether a print or original, and the price.


Any number and range of cards may initially be offered for sale (and topped up during week if required) provided always that reproduction, presentation and packaging are of good quality. Each pack (this may contain one or two cards) must be priced at £2. A suitable, simple display stand may also be provided if desired.   

Each individual card package must have a label attached to clearly identify the artist to help ensure correct sales recording.


Any member who intends to enter work in the exhibition must also make a commitment to serve as a Steward for at least one two-hour spell during the week. Non-exhibiting members are also asked to volunteer their services and it will be much appreciated if members are able to help on more than one occasion. Please check the roster when you bring in your paintings to see when you are on duty.