Welcome to the Somerton Group of Artists.

Are you interested in art? Why not join us!

Here you will find a very friendly local artists group from Somerton and the surrounding areas, Somerset, UK. We welcome all new members who are interested in art. You don’t even have to be a painter yourself to get involved – you may just want to meet other people with the same interests. We are well established and have around 60 members of all ages and abilities.

We hold a year round programme of talks and demonstrations by professional artists with occasional day-long workshops. We have ‘painting together’ sessions and outside painting and sketching sessions in the summer. These are usually held with somewhere for lunch or tea nearby! In the winter, some members also meet weekly in Long Load Village Hall to paint together.

We hold an annual exhibition of our work, and all members are invited to participate.

If you are interested, or have any questions, please contact us for a chat or just turn up to one of our events or sessions. You will be made very welcome!


Next up and coming events we look forward to seeing you at …. 

Painting Together Day – Wednesday 15th September in The Parish Rooms, this is our final day of the year when you can paint outdoors in the surrounding area, “do your own thing” indoors or take part in a workshop,10.15 -12 pm ”Drawing the landscape” .

This will focus on mark making to build textures, using a variety of pencils.  Additionally, we shall use sgraffito techniques to make additional marks in white against dark. Bring drawing materials, including coloured pencils if you wish. Ideally you will also need a “dead” biro, which makes an impression on paper without the ink, or a similar implement with a smooth tip which impresses rather than scratching the surface. Very simple and lots of fun! Bring a photo of a landscape with trees as inspiration if you like. There may also be time to experiment more with oil pastels if you have some, this will also require a scratchier drawing implement like a cocktail stick/kebab stick.  Full instructions will be given.

Advance notice of the next Evening Meeting – Wednesday 13th October –  more detail to follow.