SGA Questionnaire – Members’ Responses

Thank you to all members who filled in our questionnaire. Your answers seem to show that
the committee is, on the whole, doing the right thing. We have discussed your requests and
suggestions and, where possible, will act on them.

There were several requests for portrait demonstrations – we have one confirmed portrait
artist coming next year, with the possibility of a second. Another suggestion was for printing.

– Jackie Curtis is demonstrating at the January meeting and will show how she uses
monoprints and collographs in her pictures. Sculpture is a little more difficult – a visit to a
studio may be a possibility some time in the future. A demonstration using pastels was done
recently and a workshop in lino cutting is being considered.

Most members like the Painting Together format of some kind of teaching in the morning,
with the option of doing their own work if they prefer. We are planning more days like this
– hopefully with talented SGA members passing on their knowledge!

There are often only a few who take part in the outdoor summer programme and members’
likes and dislikes were very diverse! Some like gardens, some definitely not! Suggestions
were for churches, Thorney Mills, Midelney Pumping Station, Martock, the coast. One
suggestion was that a tutor be provided for the day – this needs to be carefully planned and
weather proof! We will continue to try and please the majority as far as is practical.

Most members seem happy with an average of 3 workshops a year and are happy to pay
between £25 and £35 for a day. Most preferred one-day workshops rather that two days.
Another activity being considered is a group outing. This takes quite a bit of planning and
and, because of covid, this is not really feasible at the moment. We have had outings in the
past and hope to organise some in the future.

Other suggestions included –
Coffee morning for new members (a special effort will be made by the committee to make
new members feel welcome).
Microphone for artists demonstrating – we will try and arrange this.
Table at occasional monthly meetings to sell surplus art equipment with percentage to SGA
funds – good idea and something we could do in the future.

Thank you again to those who completed the form – we do listen and, where practical, act
on your suggestions. The committee tries to organise as interesting a programme as
possible – but please continue to give us your ideas. Don’t wait for the next questionnaire!.
December 2021